Women's sandals have made a comeback in recent years thanks to their practicality and versatility, establishing themselves as the real must-have of the summer. 
Initially, they were worn in more informal contexts but, with time, they have managed to carve out more and more space for themselves. Their ability to combine style, elegance and comfort has made them a high fashion accessory. 
If we go to the origin of the term, we discover that it is a very ancient footwear that has been at the centre of the most important cultures in history, from the Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans.


As already mentioned, the characteristic of sandals is that they can be used in a wide variety of contexts. Initially relegated to the domestic sphere, they have now made their way into high fashion. But how are sandals to be worn this summer? If there is one shoe model that is easy to match, from morning to night, on holiday or at more formal events, it is sandals. They can be worn with light summer dresses, linen trousers, long skirts or jeans. They are that accessory that can give an extra touch to the whole outfit. If there is one detail that can totally change the look of an outfit, it is the heel. The women's wedge sandals of this new collection will not only be able to enrich aperitifs, glamorous events and long summer evenings, but will also be able to accompany women during work or family moments. They are definitely a must-have for any woman's wardrobe.

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